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So Cold

Fourteen days of sub freezing temperatures.  It has not stopped building as I mentioned in our last post.  Thursday and Friday there was no building due to the storm and strong winds, but they have been up there to clear the snow ready for more work tomorrow.   We visited yesterday and did a little sledding! Tuesday we get to meet with the kitchen designer to look at her initial plans for the kitchen.

our beach after Bomb Cyclone
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Happy New Year

One week into the new year, and we have had our first significant snowfall.  We did not even attempt to leave the house on Saturday as the snow was coming down all day.  Today we cleared our drive, and then went to my parents’ house to clear their drive.  Then we enjoyed a little sledding, visited the beach, and the bison.

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Blueberry picking

We are so lucky to live in a place with so many local farms. The other day we went blueberry picking. Now I am thinking of all the wonderful things we can make with these!





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Party Time!

My little one celebrated her fifth birthday yesterday.  She actually turned five a week ago but we had to hold off on the party due to the fact that James had his “Blue and Gold” for cub scouts on Sophia’s actual birthday.

We had six little friends come over for some puppet fun.   Katie’s Puppets came and put on a very special show.



There are also some pictures from last weekend.  I particularly love the one of James and Owen.



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Perfect Day

What a great snow day it was.  We were all home, even my husband.  The children slept to 7:30, which meant Simon and I got to stay in bed a little later AND have a cup of coffee in quiet.  After everyone was up, I cooked pancakes, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast.  It was great having a relaxed breakfast.

Eventually James got to the Wii.  This was a Christmas present, and it is his new passion.  We do limit the amount of time he plays.

Sophia started her day by playing school in the kitchen.

Watching TV

There was some TV watched in the basement.  They were both snuggled into their sleeping bags.

They played with Lego.

After lunch, it was time to clear some snow and play outside.

While my family was outside, I decided to try make stencilled shrits.  I have seen a lot of this on the web.  You use freezer paper to make the stencil.  I cut out a letter about 4.5 inches tall, using my Cricut.  I then ironed the stencil onto an old shirt using a low temperature.

Then I dabbed on some fabric glue for glitter by Tulip.  Then I sprinkled it with fabric glitter also by Tulip.  I used my finger to spread it around and pat it down.

After a few minutes I carefully pulled up the freezer paper.  Then let it dry for two hours.  Now I have to wait 72 hours to wash it.  I hope it washes alright.

I also made one for James using metallic fabric paint.

I will let you know what they are like after I wash them.

After Sophia came back in and warmed up, she put her summer dress back on and made birthday cakes and cookies for my pretend birthday.  This was some home-made play dough I had in the fridge from Christmas.

She did this for hours while James eventually came in and went back to playing Mario on the Wii.

Before long, James was also playing with the dough.  It amazed me how he played with the flour.  He usually does not like getting things on his hands.

Then we ended our day with shaving cream.

For someone who does not like getting messy, James has always loved mud and shaving cream.

Shaving cream is a fun sensory way of practicing handwriting, too.

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A Visit with St. Nick

 Today was our annual visit to Greenport to see Santa.  He did not come in on the train this year.  The LIRR has stopped services past Riverhead during the winter months.  This year he came in on this.

It is not the same.  Also, the santa was a different one.  It has lost some of the charm.  Still, the kids did not know.

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Home Sweet Home

We are home!  It was a great holiday to Lancaster, but great to be home in our own beds.  The kids loved Dutch Wonderland.

Here are a few pictures: