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The Big Move

Last summer we decided to put our house of fifteen years on the market. It was definitely with mixed feelings. We loved our house and our amazing neighbors, but we needed more living space. An extension was not going to work.

It was not a fun summer. We were having open houses every other weekend. The house had to be kept presentable at all times. Not fun. We found two or three homes we were interested in buying, but we were unable to put in an offer as we had not sold our house. By the time we had sold our house, there was nothing on the market that suited our needs or checked off many items on our wish list.

At this point, we were considering a new build but we had to find the right piece of land. It had to be quiet, and close to an acre so we could have room for a pool. We found the perfect piece of land. It was quiet, near the beach, in a community, and 1.2 acres. We did not want to purchase it until we had some permits from the town. We wanted to know that we could build a house on it before a final purchase. We went into contract on the land back in march. Since then, we have met with an architect and secured plans, interviewed builders and met with the chosen builder several times, filed papers with the department of health for sewage planning, and with the water department for water hook up and planning. We still don’t have the final permits, but we are waiting. Hopefully soon. The good news… today the land became ours.  We are property owners once more. Let the fun begin.  

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Happy New Year

One week into the new year, and we have had our first significant snowfall.  We did not even attempt to leave the house on Saturday as the snow was coming down all day.  Today we cleared our drive, and then went to my parents’ house to clear their drive.  Then we enjoyed a little sledding, visited the beach, and the bison.

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First Snow Of The Season!!

Yesterday morning we had our first proper snowfall.  The kids were outside before 8 am, playing!

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2016 Reading challenge for kids

A new year, and a whole bunch of new books to read.  My son is an avid reader.  I just can’t keep up with him.  My 8 year old isn’t quite there yet.  Neither is my ten year old nephew.  To help them along, I have created a challenge for them- twelve books in twelve months.  Not too crazy.  I am sure they will read more than that.  So here it is…


  1. A national book award winner
  2. A book based on a fairytale
  3. A book set in your home state
  4. A book set in Europe
  5. A book that is also a movie
  6. A book recommended by a friend
  7. A book published in 2016
  8. A book that takes place in the summer
  9. A mystery
  10.  A biography
  11. A book that takes place on an island
  12. A book with a green cover

Of course, I will be giving a reward if the challenge is completed.  Who will join us?


Here is a printable copy of the Book challenge .

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First blizzard of 2014

Last night brought in blizzard Hercules. My kids are still in winter vacation, but for me, it was a true snow day. No snowmen this time as it is terrible packing snow, but it was great for sump sledding, hot tea, and home baked cookies.




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Happy New Year

A new year. A blank page. A fresh start. A time for resolutions. But what to pick?

Exercise more
eat healthier
yell less
listen more
have more patience
read more
say no more, so as not to over commit
say yes more, to my kids, be more fun
play with my kids more (even if they don’t really want to play with me anymore)
enjoy them more
slow down
get more sleep
don’t sweat the little things
take time to enjoy the moment
stop beating myself up when I make mistakes, or lose my temper
spend less
be a better mother
be a better daughter
be a better wife
be a better me

It is a little overwhelming. But the next 365 days are a clean slate. A chance to make amends, to shine. I want to shine, but that just seems such a big task. So for now, I want to take one day at a time. I want to try to shine, just a little each day. I think, if I can have one shining moment each day, I will have a good 2014. Even if my shining moment is just something small. Go me! Celebrate the little things.


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Random Cards

Here are some of my more recent cards.  They all use Stampin’ up products.