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Snow Day

Another snow day here.  We have had quite a few since New Year’s Day.  Here are some of the pictures from our last snow day.  We painted using shaving cream and acrylic paint.  We plan to cut them out into hearts to further decorate for Valentines day.

Spreading the shaving cream

Here we spread shaving cream in a tray.

adding paint

Then we added the paint and swirled it a little.


Then we placed the paper on the mixture and pressed down slightly.  Then we pulled it up gently.


This one did not turn out that great!


Next, we let the paint sit for a little, and then used a squeegee to remove the paint/shaving cream mix.


Next she decided to add glitter, and just spent a whole lot of time playing with shaving cream, paint and glitter.  It kept her busy.  Maybe today we will cut out the heart shapes, if we have time.  We have already made a snowman (third or fourth snow storm, but first packable snow). We still need to go sledding!



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