Snowy Dough

Today is a snow day for all of us.  The only problem, is that it is also bitter cold.  Really too cold to be outside for very long.  This means I had to find some ways to entertain my daughter who cannot seem to keep herself busy on her own.  I find this very difficult. The only thing she will do that gives me some time to myself is watch TV.  I don’t want her doing that all day, so I am busy setting up activities for her/us to do.  She is nearly seven, but she does not play on her own.  My son, who is now nine, can play on his own for ages.  Usually he plays with Lego, but even as a preschooler, he played with his trains for long periods of time.  Soooo, this morning she helped me make pancakes for breakfast, then she went outside for a short while, but it was too cold, then i read a few chapters of Judy Moody to her.  She got restless after a few chapters, and then we made snowy dough, which is just a couple of cups of cornstartch mixed with 1/3 cup of vegetable oils and some iridescent glitter.  that occupied her for all of 45 minutes.  now she is playing on her kindle so I can enjoy a cup of tea



……so much for the tea. We moved on to painting and baking. Post those pics soon. Snow days can be so much fun!


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