Every day life

Happy New Year

A new year. A blank page. A fresh start. A time for resolutions. But what to pick?

Exercise more
eat healthier
yell less
listen more
have more patience
read more
say no more, so as not to over commit
say yes more, to my kids, be more fun
play with my kids more (even if they don’t really want to play with me anymore)
enjoy them more
slow down
get more sleep
don’t sweat the little things
take time to enjoy the moment
stop beating myself up when I make mistakes, or lose my temper
spend less
be a better mother
be a better daughter
be a better wife
be a better me

It is a little overwhelming. But the next 365 days are a clean slate. A chance to make amends, to shine. I want to shine, but that just seems such a big task. So for now, I want to take one day at a time. I want to try to shine, just a little each day. I think, if I can have one shining moment each day, I will have a good 2014. Even if my shining moment is just something small. Go me! Celebrate the little things.



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