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Peppermint bark and cookies

I found this lovely looking recipe for peppermint cookies on bakerella. No doubt about it, this was going to be my cookie of the holidays! I went to target, and bought many bags of M&Ms. Then I read the recipe. Two tablespoons of coffee. Oh well, my kids were not going to be sleeping much this vacation anyway! I made some for the Christmas party at work, along with peppermint bark. I always make lots of peppermint bark at Christmas. Three batches this year. It is so easy. I line a rimmed cookie tray with aluminum foil. Then I melt two bags of chocolate chips over a double boiler. I add two tsp. of pure peppermint extract, and pour it onto the lined cookie tray, spreading it around. Pop it into the freezer for an hour. Crush four or five candy canes. This year I did it in my little chopper. I used to put them in a zip lock bag and hammer with a rolling pin, but the bag always got holes. Once the chocolate has hardened, I melt two bags of white chocolate, pour in half of the crushed candy cane, and pour on top of the milk chocolate. Then I sprinkle the rest of the peppermint on top, pushing it into the soft white chocolate. Back into the freezer. After another hour or so, you are ready to take it out an break it up. Yumm!



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