Last Minute Me

This summer I decided that I was going to finally get around to some of those craft/activities that I have been planning in my head and pinning to Pinterest.  That was before I decided to take two on-line grad courses, that have been taking up a lot of my time. Any way…for July 4th, I had no plans of doing anything festive.  Just the usual BBQ and pool.  But, of course, in the back of my head, ideas were spinning.  Soooo…very last minute, I decided to attack that list of things to do.  While cleaning the house, preparing food for the BBQ, making blueberry pie, etc., I figured it was time to make some cake pops.   Cake pops you ask?  They have been around forever.  Yes they have.  My list of to do crafts have been around forever, too.  So I made the cake and let it cool.  Then cut it into big pieces.IMG_2655

Then I crumbled it all up, and mixed in the can of frosting.  I did not use the entire can.  Then I rolled the mixture into not so perfect round balls and chilled them.

While they were chilling, I tye-dyed shirts for the firework show that night, because I did not have enough on my plate.  I was actually pretty happy with how they turned out.


Then I melted the chocolate, and dipped the cake pops into the chocolate.  This was not as easy as I thought.  The chocolate did not go on smoothly.  I learned that a couple of good taps on the side of the bowl helped the chocolate even out.  They still did not look like all those lovely photos on Pinterest.  Fortunately, the sprinkles hide a multitude of sins.  What do you think?  My daughter did not like them.  My son, and a neighbor loved them, so I think I will be making more this summer.  Check and check…two things off my list.  Better late than never!


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