Weekend baking

My kids are so picky about food. I love to bake, but my daughter is a health food freak. She does not like cookies… Except for chocolate chip cookies. I just can’t bring myself to make the same cookie every week. And I do like to give them home baked goods over store bought rubbish. My son likes things with lots of sugar but not too fancy. Like….chocolate chip. Notice a pattern? So yesterday I went through the King Arthur baking book with my daughter. She picked out blueberry muffins. She actually ate one shortly after it came out of the oven. Will she eat any more? Who knows? I also made snicker doodle cookies. My son loves the dough but not the cookies. My husband is more of a savory person than sweet. Potato chips are his snack of choice. So what am I to do? I just joined weight watchers and I refuse to give up baking. My parents will be getting a lot of what I just made. (Sigh)!




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