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Elephant and Piggie

Do you have a reluctant reader?  My son loves to read…when there is absolutely nothing else to do!  He often reads in bed because it means he can delay lights out, but he will not usually pick up a book during the day.  There is far too much playing to be done!

These Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems are perfect!  When my son was in first grade he devoured these books.  There are very few words on a page, and they are funny.  I mean really funny.  They are also great for kids to read over and over again to improve fluency.  Yes, kids should read out loud and it should sound as it does when they are speaking.  These books give a child so many chances to use expression when reading.  Even thought they are too easy for my son now, we keep buying them as they come out with new ones.  They are too funny not to.  And when you get through all of these, try the pigeon books.  They are just as awesome.  And whatever you do….don’t let the pigeon stay up late!

We Are In a Book!

There Is a Bird on Your Head!: An Elephant and Piggie Book

Visit Moe Willems at  I think I love him, because he really got my son reading.


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