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A lot happened in June that I never blogged about.  June was a very busy month!


Sophia had her first dance recital.  Simon and I sat through three hours of dance routines just to see Sophia’s three minute dance.  She looked beautiful, and she really enjoyed it.  Every day since, she has donned her dance outfit and practiced her tap and ballet.  I think being on the big stage made a huge impression on her.

Dress Rehearsal.  We had no time to fix feathers in her hair!

The actual performance!


Sophia’s moving up ceremony.  She is in Pre-K next year.

I picked James up from school so he could watch.  I like this picture because you can see he is missing his two front teeth!

Too Cute!
Father’s Day we went to the Mattituck Strawberry Festival.  I think this was our fourth year in a row.  It is always a big hit.  We were there almost all day.

This was the first year Sophia went on the dragon coaster without an adult.  She was very scared.  James, being a great brother, told her to close her eyes.  He really took care of her.  She kept her eyes closed for the rest of the ride.


Cardboard boat races on the Peconic River.  The boats can only be made of cardboard, latex paint and duct tape.  Many boats did not make it.


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