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Thank Goodness for Nosebleeds!


I never thought I could be happy about recurring nose-bleeds, but I am.  When I walked into Dr. Monte’s office last fall to discuss James’s nose-bleeds, I never imagined it would end up here.  I was just concerned that his nose bleed badly several times a week.  Dr. Monte checked his nose, but noticed that James was breathing through his mouth.  He sounded congested, and had a lot of mucus at the back of his throat.  I had been concerned about this for several years, but none of the pediatricians felt it was a concern.  She began asking me about his sleep.  She suggested a sleep study, found he had sleep apnea, and scheduled the tonsillectomy an adenoidectomy .  I really feel that this will improve his quality of life.

Having said that, this past week has been hell.  James would not drink the first two days home, and this made any swallowing painful.  Even the medicine was hard.  He became so dehydrated and probably should have gone back to the hospital.  His skin lost its elasticity and he lost over 10% of his body weight.  He looked horrible with his eyes bulging.  Every sip of liquid was a fight.  Now he is drinking, but he is timid about eating.  He is playing the role of the invalid very well.  Tomorrow is the one week mark.  I hope week two shows a lot of improvement.

pre-op with Valium. So silly!



A few days after the surgery

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