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As I type, the TV is on.  I am waiting to see if my school district, or my kids’ school district will close tomorrow due to snow.  Several near by schools and school districts have close despite not a snowflake in sight.

This morning Sophia finished a roll of toilet paper and carried the empty roll around all morning.  She wanted to paint it, but we have a rule, no painting before school, not even skelescopes (ie. telescopes).  I promised her we could do it after school.  Painting is a passion.  To change things up for a bit, I decided to mix the paint with cornstarch.  I get tired of plain old paint, although Sophia does not.  This mix produced a thick paint, great for cardboard.  It is too thick for paper.  It reminded me a little of fresco painting which is water-color painting on wet plaster.  I do not feel quite ready for painting on we plaster of Paris, so this was a good substitute.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S.  No school for any of us tomorrow.


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