Every day life

The Week in Review

I have been really sick, so I have not had much to blog.  We have been busy.  We have made ginger bread houses.  This year I let the kids go for it and do their own thing.

On December 22, James finally lost his first tooth!  We were all running very late.  The bus was about to arrive.  James was brushing his teeth…and it went down the drain!

We made cookies for Santa.  I hope he has a sweet tooth!

Sophia's cookies for Santa


James's cookies for Santa


Some of Sophia’s art work.

Abstract Snowman


Food for the reindeer…

Christmas day James woke us up at 4:30 in the morning!  We went to my parents’  for Christmas dinner, and spent the night.  We had to get home before the storm that hit yesterday, December 26.

Yesterday, James worked on the Harry Potter Lego castle with his dad.  I love all the detail in it!

Even owl poop!


Now the storm is over, and we have about a foot of snow.  We need to get James some snow boots tomorrow.

Good Night!


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