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Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving

The meal has been cooked and eaten, and the children are in bed.  I cooked most of the morning.  My husband’s job was to keep the kids busy.  It did not go that way.  While preparing the Thanksgiving feast I also entertained children.  We made place cards for the table.

Sophia helped me make the biscuits, and then played with the extra dough.

She made these glue and sand pictures.  First you squeeze or drip glue all over the paper.  Then you sprinkle sand over the wet glue.  Finally, you shake (or pour) off the extra sand.

Obviously I squeezed the glue for this one.

Sophia also made a sun catcher.  She began by cutting the tissue paper and ribbon.  This kept her busy for twenty minutes.  Then I cut out some clear contact paper (aka sticky backed plastic).  I peeled back half of the lining, exposing half of the sticky part.  I helped her arrange the cut paper and ribbon on the sticky part.    Sophia then pulled the rest of the paper backing off the contact paper.  Together we folded the uncovered part over the covered part and pressed it all together firmly.  Sophia trimmed the edges, and punched two holes in it with my recently found two hole hole-puncher left over from my days of teaching in England.  They have two ringed binders.  The only thing we were missing was the sun!

James was busy with his train layout.

We also played with some homemade silly putty.  

I even had some plastic eggs to store it in.

We made this by putting 4 tablespoons of liquid starch and 8 tablespoons of white school glue in a bowl.  Then we put a few drops of food coloring in the bowl.   After letting it sit for five minutes we (which means I)  kneaded it. It was a bit wet at first, but after letting it sit for a while, it dried out.  My kids would not touch it at first.

That was my Thanksgiving.  Now I am very tired, but very thankful.  I look forward to three days to relax.  Never going to happen!


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