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A Day of Creating

What a day.  Today was one of those days I thought would never end.  It was not a bad day, but it was long and busy.

We started out at the farm, as you can see above.

My mother was here in the morning, so she took the children in the pool while I ran some errands.

In the afternoon, Sophia decided she wanted to do some art.  I love that she loves to create, but she is not happy unless the creating is wild and messy.

First, she wanted to paint.

I get tired of just regular painting, so I gave her some tin foil to paint on, along with white and black paper.  We also got out some funky brushes and some foam stamps.

Below is some glitter paint on black, like a starry night.

Here she used rollers on tin foil.

 Then Sophia decided to make paper bag puppets.  Here is the first one she made.  I love that the eyes and nose are in the correct place.  Normally she does not like to follow conventions.

James decided to join in with the puppet making.  Here are his puppets.  They each have something different on their shirts.  The one with the big red lips is a girl.

After this we colored pasta for a future collage project.

This was all lots of fun, but I spent most of the day cleaning up Sophia’s messes.  No wonder I am so tired at night.  I can’t wait until she can start cleaning up her own messes.  She tried to clean the paint brushes, but I won’t even begin to describe the mess in the bathroom after that!

While Simon was running their bath, they managed to take all the sheets off their beds!  The cleaning up never ends!  I disappeared into the gazebo with a drink at that point.   If anyone is looking for me, that is where I will be.


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