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Puffy Paint in Red, White, and Blue

Sophia has not had much time for art, with all the time we have been at the beach.  She has asked to paint all week.  Sunday, being the 4th of July, I thought we should have a red, white and blue theme.  I chose to make some of this puffy paint from The Artful Parent, one of my favorite blogs.  Here is the recipe:

2/3 cups of flour

2/3 cups of salt

2/3 cups of water

1 T. of tempera paint – at least two colors

Mix first three ingredients  in a large bowl.

Divide the mixture and add 1 T of paint to each half

adjust the color by adding 1 tsp of paint at a time up to 3 tsps.

Pour into squeeze bottles.

James marbled the paint using a toothbrush.

It dries hard after a day of two.

Here is my firework picture.  I find that James participates more if I join in the activity.  I never tell them how to do anything, unless they ask.  James sometimes likes to have an example to get the juices flowing.


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