Every day life


Wow!  We have been so busy recently.  Every weekend something is happening.  Simon and I have had to really work out who was taking off for various events.  My parents have had to step in when we were both busy. 

My students graduate from Middle School, and I have had them for two years, so I have tried to get to their events like award nights.

James had Field Day on June 2.  It was just the five Kindergarten classes, and very traditional.  I loved it despite the 82 degree weather! 

June 10th was Sophia’s Luau.  My parents went to that one.

June 11 was James’s Filed trip to the beach.  Again, all five Kindergarten classes went.  This time, it was chilly, but at least it did not rain.  It is a lovely little beach on the bay.  This is where James will be having swimming lessons.

June 12 was THE World Cup Game!

June 13 was the BIRTHDAY PARTY.

Enjoy the pictures, and visit my SHutterfly link to see more pictures.

Tomorrow is Sophia’s end of year show.  She finished preschool for the year.

Before I sign off, I must say a huge thank you to my mother.  She has been a big help, and when I was so tired, she brought food, so I  did not have to cook.  You are a great help!


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