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Mid May

Sophia learns to ride the quad.  Never fear, she is still girly. 
Sophia got a new pair of  shoes this weekend.  She loved the sparkly ones, and would have nothing else.  She has been wearing them every day.

sparkly shoes


We have been quite busy recently, but I am not sure what we have done.  James has been going to soccer on Saturdays, but I don’t think we will continue.  He would rather do karate.   This is not really my thing, but I think it will be good for him.  Several physical therapists recommended it to help him with his coordination.  He has a problem with spatial awareness.  He is clumsy, and he has no sense of personal space.  He throws himself on top of people, completely unaware of the space around him..He has no clue about where his body is in space.  I think it is a sensory issue, but not enough to qualify him for services. Hopefully this will help.  I will try to get a picture of him, but he is going through a no picture stage.

Sophia is still painting.  She loves to paint the whole canvas now, leaving no white.  This weekend I let her paint on a proper piece of stretched canvas.  It ended up all a bit brown, as she loves to mix colors and see what new colors she can make.  She is getting good at knowing what primary colors to mix for the secondary colors.

Sophia takes her mixing quite seriously



Sophia also enjoys taping shapes to her paper before  painting, and exploring negative space.




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