Bean Bags

The schools are closed  this week, so I thought it might be time to get out the sewing machine.  I do not know how to use one, but I really want to learn.  My mother is great at sewing, and I want to learn.

I decided to start with something simple.  Bean bags … just the thing.  All I have to do is a straight line.   Fortunately the machine was already threaded.  My first bean bag did not go well.  I couldn’t figure out why it seemed to be so much harder than I remembered.  Then I noticed there was no presser foot!  Sheryl, did you hear me screaming?  Once I put the foot on, things went better.  The thread came out of the needle on occasion, but all-in-all, a good first try.  I will make more bean bags, a lot more.  Then I may feel brave enough to move on to something else.  The hardest part, for me, is hand sewing it shut.  My hand sewing is very messy.

 These are made of soft flannel.  They feel lovely.


2 thoughts on “Bean Bags

  1. Hi Nina:

    Yes, I did hear you screaming!! You heard me too because I cut the fabric wrong for the quilt I was making for Evy!! Thank goodness the quilt shop had more of it…that usually never happens. I love your bean bags. Next it will be lavender sachets when your plants are in full bloom!

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