Indoor Play

Splongee Flyer

Today I made some splongee flyers for the kids.  It surprised me what a big hit they were.  They are nice and soft, so the kids were able to throw them around the house without any damage.  The idea is from The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions 2.

To make the splongee flyer, you will need:

3 Small sponges in different colors (nylon ones are good)

1 plastic cable tie

1 large rubber band


How to make it:

  1. Cut each sponge into thirds, lengthwise.
  2. Stack the cut sponges on top of each other in three rows of three.
  3. Grab the stack of sponges in the center and twist the stack once.
  4. Place the plastic cable tie around the center of the rubber band.
  5. Secure a plastic cable around the center of the twisted stack, pulling it as tightly as possible.
  6. Trim the plastic tie down as close to the eye as possible.
  7. Put the rubber band on the tip of your thumb, pull back the sponge ball, and release to shoot.

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