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Valentine Hearts

Just this afternoon, I was saying to friends how uncreative I have felt.  I have not done any painting or art activities with my children at all in recent weeks.  I have not done any baking…nothing.  A real dry spell.  The children must have felt the same way, because after James had finished his homework, he decided he needed to make valentine presents for all the important people in his life.  He decided he wanted to use Crayola Model Magic.  I love this product.  It is so soft and easy to shape, and it dries as light as air.  They rolled the model magic, and used cookie cutters to cut out shapes.  They then used different objects to stamp patterns in their hearts.


James had done something like this in art.  I suspect our present from school will be similar.  He had to put them on paper to dry, as in school.  He like this “beautiful” paper, which is marbled construction paper.  He then wrote the names of his teachers on the paper.


Here are Sophia’s hearts.


My plan is to paint them tomorrow, but the kiddos may have other ideas.


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