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Gift Wrap and a Snowman

Monday was a snow day for the children and me.  Our road was never really plowed, so we were truly snowed in.  We started our day by making some gift wrap for our friends and family.  We used newsprint.  James really likes the geometrical look, while Sophia is still in the abstract stage.

James has been really interested in finding toys to wrap and “give” to us.  Of course, he does not really intend for us to keep them.  To follow this idea, and to keep the children busy, I supplied them with those sticky bows, some left over wrapping paper, and some ribbon.  They busied themselves with finding things to wrap.  When someone opened a gift, I tried to model how we say thank you, and then try to find something pleasant to say about the gift.  I want to practice for the day when they receive something they really do not like.  This activity was great for OT work.  There was a lot of cutting, folding, tieing, knotting and sticking.  Dad came home early, so he and James built a snowman.


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