Christmas · cooking



Here is a picture from Sunday, after it had stopped snowing.  They say it was the blizzard of the century, but surely the century is too young to make such a statement.  We kept busy on Sunday by making cookies.

Here we are making gingerbread dough.  We did not make the cookies until today, as the dough tastes better after sitting.  We have not decorated them yet.

Then we made candy cane cookies.  You color the dough, and roll it into long sausage strips, then roll it flat.  Then you cut it on a diagonal.  What a lot of bother.  They did not look like the picture in the book at all!  They taste nice, however.

Here is the best looking cookie.

This is what the rest looked like.  The ones that did not fall apart, that is.

Both recipes are from this King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion Cookbook.

The evening ended with this beautiful sight. It turned out to be a really great day.

Here is James digging out the reindeer, so they could move.  The polar bear is entirely buried.  We may see it again some day.


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