Every day life


I need to take this time to vent a little.

As much as I love computers, I hate them.  I love reading all the information on the world-wide web.  I love all the inspirational ideas, and the feeling of being connected with so many people all over the world.  I love being able to find answers to questions within minutes, even if I am in my pyjamas sipping hot tea on a snowy morning.  Our first snow is falling as I type, and it should be a big one!  Our computer has had problems.  It is Vista.  I am not a fan of Vista.  Our computer was not able to install upgrades, so it went into a funk.  I thought it was fine without upgrades, but the Vista people thought not.  I think we have finally fixed it, thanks to our amazing techie neighbor who sat with it for over three hours.

At work today, I spent a good portion of my day trying to fix various computer problems.  All we wanted to do was work on our Social Studies project.  The computers rebelled.  They would not let us log on, they stomped their figurative feet, and refused to do as we asked.  It is bad enough when my children do this.  I don’t need my computers doing it as well. 

I need this vacation so badly.  I need to relax, spend time with my kids, and enjoy the season.  Will this happen?  Probably not.  My children want lots of things while I am trying to tech them that material things are not necessities.  Be happy we have a home and our health, and people we love.  This is too deep for a five-year old.  Christmas is not about the receiving, but the giving.  Am I trying too hard to teach my children a lesson that is above them?  As I type, I listen to sixth graders talk about all the things they want.  They have no idea what it really means to be in a recession.  Does anyone live within their means any more?  I am surrounded by needless spending, and don’t know how to teach my children what really matters.


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