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Christmas Crafts

We are still waiting for the blizzard.  James was out bulldozing the dusting we have had so far.
plowing the snow

 To keep us busy, I planned a day of Christmas activities.  First it was off to the barber for hair cuts.  Then to Michael’s for supplies.  I had planned on making a gingerbread house today, but James saw a kit for this christmas tree, so we made this instead.   

The Gingerbread Tree

  The children then used the leftover icing to make some marshmallow snowmen.  Do you like th abstract one on the right?  That was Sophia’s.   We used the icing to stick the marshmallows together, and then tried to make faces.  A little scary looking if you ask me!  

Marshmallow snowmen

 While at Michael’s this morning, I bought some clear glass ornaments.  They are the kind you can take the tops off.    

 I then picked up some metallic and glitter paint.  

 I took the tops off the ornaments, and poured in a little paint in the color of choice.  I replaced the top.  The children gently swirled the paint around the inside of the ornament.  I then took the lid off, and placed the ornaments upside down on top of cups, so the excess paint could drip out.  

Draining the Ornaments

 I found, if  we used two colors or more, the colors tended to all mix together.  I still like how it looked, but I found it also nice to follow the above procedure, and then let the first color drain and dry for a quarter hour or so before adding another color.  I also found the glitter paint showed through better if it was put in first.  Here a re some of our finished ornaments.  I am so pleased with how they turned out!  I will definitely do this again.  We are giving them to teachers as gifts next week.  Sophia did drop one, which shattered everywhere, so I would suggest you have someone around to carry off children during cleaning.  I think just one broken ornament was also a fairly good result.  

Finished Ornaments




 After finishing the ornaments, we made peppermint bark.  I melted 67% cocoa in a bowl over a saucepan of water.  It was on the low setting.  When all the chocolate was melted, I spread it thinly in a jelly roll pan lined with tin foil.  Make sure the foil overlaps the edges, as this will help you get it out of the pan.  Next, put the pan in the fridge to harden.  Now crush the candy canes or peppermints.  I used my chopper, but  you could put them in a heavy-duty zip lock bag and bash them with a rolling-pin or hammer.  Now melt some white chocolate as you did the dark chocolate.  Take the pan out of the fridge, spread the white chocolate over the dark chocolate.  Sprinkle the crushed peppermint over the top.  Don’t use the powdery parts.  You can save these to sprinkle over ice cream of pour into hot chocolate.  Push the candy pieces into the chocolate a little.  Return the pan to the fridge for about an hour.  Remove, and break the chocolate into uneven pieces.  Enjoy!  


Peppermint Bark

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