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Shaving Cream Fingerpainting and Printing

Veterans’ Day.  What thoughts were going through my head?  I was excited about having a day at home, but with two children also home, I was also a little worried.  All the other blogs I read talk about the joys of parenting.  There are many.  Yet, I find I am stressed a lot, and not always behaving like the parent I strive to be.  Sophia and I have been sick, so I braced myself for a lot of clinging and tears.  To help me get through the day I planned for a lot of activities.

In the morning, I took out the shaving cream.  Fingerpainting with shaving cream is an activity we have always done in the bath.  I thought moving it to another location, might add a new twist on an old activity.  Sophia liked it, but only for a short time.


We then went for a walk, and collected leaves for a possible future activity.  What to do now?  I had some star patterns printed out for a possible holiday craft, but I am not a big fan of crafts that have a definite end product in mind.  I like activities that encourage exploration and free thinking.  I decided to cut up my one sponge to use for stamping.  I must get more sponges.  To my surprise, my non artist was interested in trying out this printing activity.  We used yellow, as that is the color of the month for Sophia.  We tried printing on white and black paper and looked at the different effects.  I also found an old easter egg, that was great for printing circles.


Here is one of James’s pictures.  The little figure at the bottom is James as an astronaut.  See the helmet around his head?  He is on the moon!IMG_0469

As they began to tire of this activity, I brought out the shaving cream again.  This time we added paint to the shaving cream.


We mixed colors.  James loved making green with yellow and blue!IMG_0473

I was amazed that James had so much fun with this activity, as he has sensory issues, and does not like to get messy.  As you can see, that was not the case here!IMG_0478

Sorry for this sideways picture, but as you know, Sophia loves getting messy!


The day turned out to be better than expected.  Days like this make me wish I did not work.  I have to remind myself, that not all days go as smoothly.


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