Art activities for kids

Yellow Paint Project

This was actually a project we did last weekend.  I gave Sophia some water, chalk black paper, and a paint brush.  I showed her how the chalk looks much brighter when drawn on wet paper.  She tried it a little bit, but it was not messy enough for her.  She asked for paint.  I gave her a little.



Picture 056

She mixed the paint and water, and made some very runny paint.  I gave her a straw and showed her how to blow the paint around.


Picture 061


She then tried blowing on the paint brush.Picture 001


Then she asked for a wipe, and started wiping the paint, and squeezing it out.


Picture 008

Then she asked for more water, so I gave her some in a bottle.  She began mixing.

Picture 011


Then she put the paint brush in the bottle and shook it up.


Picture 020


Next, she dumped it all on the table and really got hands on!

Picture 022


What a mess, but what  great sensory exploration!Picture 025


For me, this is a perfect art activity.  It was child lead, and all about exploring the materials.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


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