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Sophia talks on the phone as she paints
Sophia talks on the phone as she paints

IMG_0357We have still been trying to get some art done on the weekends.  We don’t do as much, now that school is in session.  I have been trying to find activities that will help James with his OT, as he no longer gets OT.  I was told the school would follow up on it, but I have not pushed it yet.

We made Halloween colored paper chains.  James was in charge if cutting the strips of paper.  His cutting has improved a lot.  Sophia loves to cut and paste.  This activity ended up turning into a paper party, with James throwing all the extra stips up in the air.

We have also been popping bubbles in bubble wrap.   This activity promotes pincer grasp, eye-hand coordination, and hand dexterity.  We learned it from our  OT over the summer, and it is a great one to do in the car!

Finally, we painted cardboard boxes.  Writing, drawing and painting on a vertical surface increases a child’s shoulder stability and develops good wrist position for developing a mature pencil grip.    


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