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All’s well…


Why is it that things seem to happen all at once, and when it is least convenient?  Take this morning, for example.  My husband is away, so I get to do the whole morning routine on my own.  James slept extra late.  Normally Dad wakes him up.  I was getting ready, and Sophia was very quiet…always a bad sign.  Sure enough, she comes upstairs with bright red hands.  She had found her way into the markers.  Fortunately they were washable.  I commented on what red hands she had.  This prompted her to wash them.  First she went to her bathroom to get supplies: step stool, “her” soap – I can’t use it – it’s hers, toothbrush and toothpaste.  She then proceeds  to wash her hands, leaving bright red water drops all over the sink and floor.  I put down my moisturizer to contain the red water, but Sophia grabbed it and applied it to her face.  Now the red is on her face along with the moisturizer.  At this point, James decides to get up.  Sleepily her walks to the bathroom.  As I am cleaning up  Sophia’s mess, James walks in to tell me he missed the toilet.  There was a huge puddle on the floor.  I did manage to clean up all the messes, and get them both off to school looking fairly clean.  I am not sure how, but all’s well that ends well!

How did they get to this point?
How did they get to this point?

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