Every day life



We have all been sick, and trying to get ready for school, so I have not been writing.

James has a cold.  Last week he had a fever.  Great timing.

This week we have been getting up and ready by eight to make sure we are all ready for the bus.  We have also been practicing lunch, as both children will be taking packed lunches to school for the first time.  We have been using the new bento boxes.


This morning James and Sophia were up early and ready very early.  Sophia kept asking to go to preschool, and James kept asking when the bus was coming.  When the bus did come, James got right on with his friend, and didn’t even wave goodbye.  It was like he’d been doing it forever.

The bus got him home at 4 pm.  He had gym today.  Everything was great.  He loved it.

Simon took Sophia to school.  She walked right in, but her backpack on the table, and sat down.  Her teacher had to tell her to kiss her father goodbye.  It was a great first day.


Busdriver Bob
Busdriver Bob
Here comes the bus
Here comes the bus


first day of school
first day of school



waiting for the bus
waiting for the bus

 After school, we had a special snack to celebrate…



 home made first day on a bus cookies

  home made first day on a bus cookies

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