Every day life

It’s Pink!

Yesterday we rented a U-Haul truck to move some furniture around.  After spending a few hours killing time waiting for the truck to be ready, we were finally packed and ready to head out to my parents’ house around 1:30.  We were anxious to get moving by then.  Simon drove the truck, and I followed with the kids.  Ten minutes into the ride, James informs me he needs to poo.  Great!  That means we can’t just stop along the side of the road.  I actually have to find a bathroom.  Not easy when you are on the expressway.  I ask him if he could wait until we got to my parents’ house.

“Too Far!”

I signal to Simon that I am getting off.  We find a CVS.  I take James in while Simon stays with Sophia.  I ask for the bathroom.  I am told it is locked, but I can ask Linda in cosmetics to unlock it.  Of course, Linda isn’t in cosmetics.  I look for her, but she is nowhere.  I decide I can’t wait.  Back to the car.  I ask Simon to take James into the Outback.  He returns a few minutes later to tell me it is closed.  Great.  Simon wants to get on the road.  I say good bye to him, and head off to a Wauldbaum’s down the road.  All the time, Sophia is asking a million questions…Why are we going this way, Why are we stopping, Where is daddy,  What’s that?  She is driving me crazy.  I am now heading into Wauldbaum’s with both children.  I ask for the bathroom.  It is out a back door, through a store room, up a dreary stairwell and through the staff lunch room.  I find the men’s room first, but decide not to use it, as it is also a locker room.  I finally find the women’s room.  James is desperate by now.  He dashes into the bathroom, then stops dead in his tracks.  He turns to me, and in a disgusted voice, he proclaims, “It’s Pink!”

I could have killed him!


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