Crochet – my new hobby

I decided I was going to learn to crochet when I was told I would be getting a new neice/nephew.  I began with this blanket, but decided, after I had finished it, that I did not like the strong colors, and I was not overly fond of the pattern. 


 Fortunately, Sophia seemed quite happy to adopt it.  I began a new on which I was much happier with.  I forgot to take a picture of it.  I also made a little bunny toy, which I also forgot to photograph, but I will make another one.  James decided he wanted a blanket with holes in it, so we went and picked out yarn.  I am not a fan of what he chose, but he insisted on rainbow, his new favorite color.  His favorite color has been red for as long as he could talk, but this changed a few months ago. 


I used the same pattern as the blanket I made for my sister-in-law.  Because it was heavier yarn, I used a bigger needle.  It came out a lot bigger than I tought, but James is happy with it.  I am really getting into this crochet thing, but I must make time to get back to knitting.


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