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Summer’s end is near

So here it is, nearly 11 pm.  I have had a lot of trouble sleeping recently.  It seems that everyone is ready for back to school.  James needs time away from Sophia.  Sophia is starting to cling to me, and I need time away.  The summer has been long enough…and just in time.  We are all ready for a change.  James’ OT and speech have ended for the summer.  He has a few weeks before he starts Kindergarten.  Sophia is about to start preschool.

Did I accomplish all that I had hoped to this summer?  No, but we did a lot.  I had hoped to spend more time on James’ handwriting and upper body strength, and I had hoped to get more art done with Sophia.  I had also hoped to have Sophia potty trained, but that backfired as soon as she knew I was ready to take her interests seriously.  Now I am resorting to the ‘let the preschool do it’ method.

James is getting better at his handwriting, but his hands get tired quickly.  The rock climbing wall and swimming have been great, but I would have liked to have done some more wheel-barrow walking type exercises with him.  He has been so busy playing this summer, that I have not wanted to interrupt him.  After all, playing is a preschooler’s work.

The pool has been the life saver this summer.  We have spent so much time in it.  We have only visited the petting zoo and aquarium a handfull of times, unlike other summers.

All in all, I’d say it has been a great summer.  It is time to start winding down, and get back into school hours.  James’ bedtime is slowly being moved forward, in hopes that he wakes up in time for the bus.  We are slowly getting rid of Sophia’s naps, as she has been giving us a hard time at bedtime.  I have to start getting my sleep time back on a school schedule.  On that note, it is my bed time.  Goodnight.


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