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When James gets angry, he can really start yelling, and he often has trouble getting rid of the anger appropriatly.  Recently, James became very angrywith Sophia.  I can’t remember why, he gets angry with her a lot.  He started pushing her away and yelling.  She would not leave him alone.  I told him to go to the art area, and draw a picture of his anger.  I had read about this somewhere.  He does not like to draw, so I didn’t think it would work, but he stomped off!  By the time he got paper and crayons out, I think he had calmed down.  I was expecting a picture woth lots of angry scribbles, but I got this.


James stomping on Sophia - by James
James stomping on Sophia - by James


It is a picture of James, the big person, stomping on Sophia, the little person who is crossed off.  I said, “Wow, I can see how angry that made you feel!”  It seemed to work.  Maybe we were just lucky this time.


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