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Play dough, Play date and a bird

We had an interesting visitor today.  It was about  nine in the morning, and the children had just gone outside to play.  I went upstairs for something, I don’t remember what.  As I came down the stairs, James said there was a bird in the house.  I saw the bird at the window, and thought it was out on the sill.  Then it sarted fluttering, and I realized in was, indeed, in the house!  I looked at the screen and wondered how it got in, when I noticed the back door was open.  The window is not near the door, and I thought tha there was no way I could entice this frightened bird back to the open door.  So what to do?  Don’t get me wrong!  I love nature, but outside, and not quite so close!  There was only one thing to do, despite the early hour.  Call Kathy, my neighbor..  I sent James and Sophia over to her house to tell her we needed her help, pronto!  Good old Kathy, she had just the thing.  She came over with both boys and a very large net.  By then, the bird was behind the sofa.  All I could think was please don’t poop back there!  The three boys scared it out of its hiding place back to the window.  Then, sadly, it fell onto the sill, motionless.  I think it had flown into the windoe one too many times and broke its neck.  RIP

2009 08 06_bird_0001_edited-1

Brian and Owen ended up spending most of the day here.  They were as good as gold.  The only problems happened when Sophia tried to get in on the action.  I then had to keep Sophia out of the way.  We spent quite a long time cutting and pasting.  Sophia loves to use scissors and glue.  Then we decided to make some play dough.  We used a recipie from Mary Ann F. Kohl’s book, First Art.IMG_9617

Sophia making play dough
Sophia making play dough
A cookie
A cookie

It was a busy and fun day, which ended with a bubble bath.



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