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The morning after
The morning after

 I am glad to be home again!  The Berkshires are beautiful, but there did not seem to be a great deal to do with very small children.  It also rained every day, a lot!

Our first night up there, it was raining heavily.  We had just returned from dinner, when Sophia fell and banged her eye on the corner of the coffee table.  Because there was quite a bit of blood, I ended up taking her to the emergency room, where they taped the wound shut.



  The next day we visited the Berkshire museum.  There was a frog exhibit, that both children enjoyed.



Wednesday we visited the Hankock Shaker Village.


 Milking a pretend cow

Milking a pretend cow



For some reason, James later said he didn’t really like this.  I think it was too much walking in humid weather.

 On our last day away, we visited a butterfly conservatory.  Sophia was afraid of the butterflies when they got too close.  One landed on Simon’s shirt.  We then went to a Christmas shop.  James saw Santa and  a lot of model trains.  It also snowed inside!

IMG_9493IMG_9502IMG_9503IMG_9509 IMG_9514 

The car ride home
The car ride home

                          It is nice to get away, but always great to get home!


The super hero crew
The super hero crew To the rescue!

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