Every day life

Big Girl Bed

Sophia has been sleeping in a ‘big girl bed’ for a week now!  The transition was fairly easy.  She was very tired the first night, so went to sleep quickly.  The next day, at nap time, she kept getting out of bed, so she slept in the crib.  That night it was back in the bed.  Now she is in the bed all the time.  After one nap in the crib, she decided that she was too big of a girl to be sleeping in a crib.  She started out calling to us from the bed to go get her.  Now she stands at the door and yells that she can’t get out.  That is because her hands are full of blankets and her bunny, and she can’t put them down to open the door.  Friday night she fell out of bed around midnight.  I am not sure how she did it.  She has a rail, and just above the rail there is a little space, but there is a bed side table.  Somehow, she must have worked her way onto the table, and then fell off.  She landed on a basket of books.  The next morning she called to us twice and then informed us that “my bum’s okay.”  I don’t think she has been getting quality sleep.  She has always moved a lot at night, and now she has three times the space in which to move around.  That is a lot of moving.  Plus, the humidity has shot up this week, and the air conditioners are not in.  







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