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Water color cards


Today Sophia made some greeting cards.  First she colored on waterpaper cards with crayons.  Then she painted over them with water colors.  I tried the liquid water colors for the first time.  I really liked them.  I just added a few drops to some water.  I like how the cards turned out, and wished she had made more.  But, alas, she lost interest after three or for.  The first one had the most color, and the lst one had very little.


While Sophia was doing this, James was helping Batman, who was stuck in a snow storm!



Yesterday, I tried to make cornstarch fingerpaint from First Art by MaryAnn Kohl.  It warned to makesure the cornstarch was fully dissolved before heating.  I thought it was, but obviously not.  It was very lumpy, and neither of my children had any desire to paint with it.


Also, as an aside, We went to the aquarium on Monday, and James put a really bit bug on his arm.  He is much braver than I am!



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